Here you will find our de­liv­ery op­tions for stan­dard parts and com­po­nents for tool and die mak­ing. Our prod­ucts solve problems, cre­ate new op­por­tu­ni­ties and in­crease your ef­fi­cien­cy. Take ad­van­tage of our low prices and im­me­di­ate de­liv­ery. Or­der eas­i­ly and con­ve­nient­ly in our web shop or send us your re­quest.


Quick lock

A good connection No matter what kind of system you use - we have the right connections. Talkob quick lock couplings are durable products at an affordable price.

Made in Germany!

  • Compatible with the couplings of the company HASCO
  • Compatible with the couplings of the company DME

For the systems,only high quality brassis being used, which has been proven for the construction of couplings for decades.

Depending on the design, various surface coatings are also used. The mechanical components such as springs and locking balls are manufactured in stainless steel, in order to counter the wear from connecting and disconnecting.



Lim­it Switch

Our proven Limit switch utility provides fast and

affordable protection for your valuable tools.

1) Close the form is possible only

at the end position ejector system

2) Proper adjustment via eccentric screw and test light

3) Retrofitting in existing tools due to extremely small dimensions

4) Low cost of mold-ex

pensive tools are protected



Slid­ing el­e­ments / plain bear­ings

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plain NSL5001
Full bronze alloy with solid lubricant inserts

Material characteristics:

    Full bronze alloy with graphite inserts (see Basic Materials table)
    permanent, complete self-lubrication
    long lifetime
    corrosion resistance
    extremely high dynamic and stable load
    no need for additional lubrication
    Use: dry and in fluids (including seawater)
    constant low coefficient of friction
    Exclusion of contact corrosion, notching destruction and welding (seizure)
    Application in the high- and low-temperature range
    good thermal conductivity
    vibration damping, noise
    resistant to dirt and shocks
    no "stick-slip"

plain NSL3002
Iron-nickel alloy sintered metal
Fe79Ni9Cu4Mo2 - C6

Base of the metallic matrix is ​​iron powder with the addition of nickel, copper and molybdenum to improve the hot and scaling resistance. In addition, the addition of solid lubricants (99.9% high purity, chemically neutral electric Edelgraphit), which is incorporated under bias in micro-fine dispersion occurs. The alloy made possible by the construction of a firmly adhering graphite film of the alloy on the mating material a rapid, self-lubricating function.

plain NSL3001
Sintered nickel metal alloy: Ni97 - C7

Sintered material, is composed which incorporated high purity nickel, with a share of Edelgraphit, (99.9% high purity, chemically neutral electric Edelgraphit) under bias in micro distribution. This high corrosion resistance of the material is ensured. Additionally carried a thermal stress relief annealing. It should be noted that the use of these highly pure alloy may take place only in connection with liquid media.



Punch­es & Bush­es


Air ejec­tor valves


Ejec­tor pins & sleeves


Drill bush­es & dow­el pins


Slide-hold­ing de­vices




Ball bush­ings


Foil tape


Har­d­ened steel sheets



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