Company profile

We are expert in the field of steel and nonferrous metals and their processing since 1976. Thanks to our know-how and wide product range, we quickly became one of the leading companies in the sector. Our customers know they can benefit from our extensive experience in materials and their processing.

Meanwhile, we are trading worldwide and deliver to a growing number of customers from various industries. Our ISO 9001:2008 has been completed successfully in April 2009. Whether you need steel or nonferrous metals - thanks to our many in-stock products and semi-finished wroughts - we are able to deliver within 24 to 48 hours. While this service is only available for our wide range of storage materials which you can find on our product pages, you can also order products made of various materials according to your drawings. Of course, we also deliver your products ready for installation.

Our clients include:

  • tooling, mold making, mechanical engineering, jigs and fixtures
  • sorting and feeding technology, automation companies
  • EDM technology, grinding plants, machine shops
  • aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding
  • universities, research institutions and many more

Our strengths are our high quality, excellent speed and outstanding customer service. To us, sustaining a long, friendly relationship with our customers and supplierd is extremely important. In addition to this, we constantly provide our customers with technical innovatinos, new features and new materials through this website. This way, we ensure that our products stay state of the art.

Our Vision


The base for the business of Nagler Normalien GmbH is compliance with the law. Likewise, the company is committed to continuous improvement. In this respect the principles of strategic management are fixed elements of the corporate philosophy, which are complemented by the establishment and evaluation of quality objectives.

All staff recognize and treat the customer as the center of the efforts of the company.

The quality policy of standard Parts Nagler GmbH is held in the following guiding principles, the basis of daily activities. It is confirmed with the certificate of ISO 9001.

André Nagler

The principles of our quality management:

  • Excellent quality is coequal to the upkeeping of our company through economic behaviour on the market.
  • The customer is seen as the center of all our efforts by all our employees and also is to be treated this way.
  • The identification and utilization of potential for improvement is ensured by our integrated management system.
  • Through elevations of our management system on a regular basis, we make sure that the targeted goals acuallay are archieved.
  • Our employees' motivation is increased through periodic training and continuous education in all sectors as well as internal and external communication concerning important questions.
  • Honesty and frankness both internally and towards our clients is of elementary importancy to us.
  • As a matter of course, we conduct regular discussion on all important questions of quality with our cliends, suppliers and partners.
  • When planning and implementing solutions for our clients, we always build our solutions on top of state of the art technology.
  • Other important aspects of our daily work are energy and reccource saving,
  • To ensure that our suppliers and partners meet our tight quality requirements, tests and quality evaluations are committed on a regular basis.